You can visit your Planviewer API dashboard by going to your profile in the top bar, and then clicking the API Applicaties button on the left side.


Here you can see the different applications available under your account. Each application will have it’s own settings and security permissions. Viewers from different applications are isolated. To create a new application you can use the Toevoegen button. Each application should be given a name, these are only used for you to recognize your applications. Once created you can visit the details of your application to change it’s settings, it will look like this:


The details screen allows you to remove an existing application or modify the name of the application. Tabs at the top of the page allow you to customize the security settings (Beveiliging en toegang).

Access Keys and OAuth

To create a new access key you can click on the Nieuwe Access Key button. This will show a green message at the top of the page with the access key id and access key secret. The secret will only be shown once. Once the message is closed it cannot be retrieved again. You may choose to de-activate certain keys or remove them.


Finally the security screen gives the option to fill in the OAuth connection details. For details on OAuth you may see the chapter on OAuth.



To get response from the API in your own application, it is possible to setup a webhook. The url must be given to which we can send response. A client and secret can be given when your server uses basic authentication.


Webhooks are only supported for creating outlines.