The Planviewer API is actually a set of different API’s operating within the same authorization context. Third party Applications can integrate with the Planviewer service. For each of these applications different authentication methods can be configured. This section is dedicated to the creation and configuration of these Applications.


  1. In the Planviewer API dashboard an Application should be created by the Reseller of the Customer.

  2. For the Application the following can be configured:

    1. An Access Key can be generated for Server-to-Server communication.
    2. An OAuth Configuration can be set.
  3. Either the Maps API or the Product API can be enabled.


An application is used to allow access from your platform to the planviewer data. You can maintain a different set of security credentials, a different set of map layers and a different set of maps per application.
The party that interacts with Planviewer on a business-level. The user account of the reseller is used to configure all aspects of the Product API.
The party that interacts with the reseller, and uses an Implementation to interact with Planviewer services.
A system that implements the Planviewer Product API, and thus consumes products.
API Access Key
An API Acccess Key allows a server to use the server API methods provided by the Maps API. The API Access Key is acting as a username for your server, whereas the Access Key Secret is used as a password and should never be known publicly.
Access Key Secret
See API Access Key.