Release Notes

These release notes contain an overview of new features, improvements and bugfixes as they are deployed. If you are a Maps API customer you will be informed when new release notes are available. Please make sure to inform those who have implemented the API about these release notes as they may contain technical details about extended or new features.

Release Februari 2019

  • Click & drag behaviour viewer on mobile devices
  • Click detection improved on lines
  • Application SLD no longer affects styling outline or referred outline layers
  • removing all outlines in editor and saving will revert viewer back to default settings
New Features


deprecation notice

The show_layer variable in the create/update layer calls will replace the query string variable visible_layers in time. If you are currently loading your viewer(s) with visible_layers=0 it is advised to update the layers with a show_layer=false

This can be done in our dashboard or by using the api

visible_layers will be supported until august 2019

Release Januari 2019

  • Removing vector layer containing shape with .sld file gives error
  • Planviewer Dashboard: display viewer name in editing proxy layers
  • Print to PDF in API viewer gave 504 error.
  • Uploading large shape files gave 504 error
  • Minor layout fix API editor
  • Export CSV including geometry exports full geometry.
  • Feature information display improvements
New Features