Assuming you’ve already defined a Planviewer API Application, you can visit your Product API dashboard by going to your profile in the top bar and then clicking the API Applicaties button on the left side. For your Planviewer API Application, you can create a Product API integration by pressing Product API aanmaken.


Here you may configure a specific logo and address line for your Application, but this is optional. This logo and address line may be used in specific products, otherwise the Planviewer logo and address line is used. Press aanmaken to actually create the Product API integration.


Once created you can visit the details of your application to change it’s settings. The details screen also allows you to remove an existing application. Tabs at the top of the page allow you to view the placed orders (Bestellingen) and to view the log of requests (Logboek).


The orders screen lists all the placed orders of the past 30 days. It also allows the Reseller to manually download previous orders.


Request log

The request log screen lists the 100 most recent API requests to the Planviewer platform by the application. It also lists the used access key and request URL. The information on this screen can be used to debug a customer implementation.