The Planviewer Product API enables developers to order and download products for third party applications.

This documentation consists of two main sections. First, the Product API Dashboard section gives an intruction into the dashboard profile pages for the Product API. This is where you need to start by configuring an application and allows a reseller to track the API usage.

The second section concerns using the server-side API. These server calls allow your application to retrieve data, order products and finally to download the results.


  1. In the Planviewer API dashboard an Application should be created by the Reseller of the Customer.
  2. For the Application an Access Key can be generated for Server-to-Server Product API communication.
  3. The Customer finds out which Products are interesting and remembers the relevant slugs.
  4. The Implementation of the Customer can search for Locations.
  5. For a Location and a desired Product a set of Product Intentions is yielded. The Implementation selects a Product Intention to order.
  6. A Job is created, and the Implementation waits until the Job is finished.
  7. The Implementation downloads the result of the Job.

Server calls

The Product API is exclusively comprised of Server-to-Server communication, where calls are made by the Customers server to Authentication of this communication is provided by Planviewer API access keys. For all requests in this section the user and password must be provided as HTTP basic auth parameters. For more information on this read the general Authentication Access Keys section.


An application is used to allow access from your platform to the planviewer data. You can maintain a different set of security credentials, a different set of map layers and a different set of maps per application.
The party that interacts with Planviewer on a business-level. The user account of the reseller is used to configure all aspects of the Product API.
The party that interacts with the reseller, and uses an Implementation to interact with Planviewer services.
A system that implements the Planviewer Product API, and thus consumes products.
API Access Key
An API Acccess Key allows a server to use the server API methods provided by the Product API. The API Access Key is acting as a username for your server, whereas the Access Key Secret is used as a password and should never be known publicly.
Access Key Secret
See API Access Key.
The subject of any product. All Planviewer products concern a specific location within the Netherlands. Conceptually a location can be either an address or a lot, as far as the Product API is concerned.
The concept of a marketable file that can be ordered. Given a concrete location, a product can yield multiple PDF documents, shapes files or other files.
Product intention
A concrete intention of a product that can be ordered. For example, given a location, several bestemmingsplannen may be available. A product intention in this case is a single report for a specific bestemmingsplan and a specific location, that can be ordered.
The asynchronous process which generates a file from a product intention. A job can finish, or fail. Files that result from finished jobs can be downloaded.